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The Concept

Trade Center Prospekt is a comfortable social space for the whole family!

Prospekt shopping mall offers its guests a variety of opportunities to have fun and spend interesting time - a trendy shopping, entertainment for children, cinema, cafes, restaurants and special events. Follow the latest events in the Prospekt shopping mall and enjoy your vacation in one of the best capital's shopping malls.

In Prospekt shopping mall you will find:

Generally, Prospekt shopping mall is a fashionable shopping center, where you can spend time with your family, friends or loved ones.

It is convenient to get to Prospekt shopping mall. It is nearby Chernihivska metro station, there is also a free rout-taxi. The car owners have already estimated the crossroads, parking and electric filling station for electric cars at the shopping mall's roof.

"Auchan" supermarket has the total area of 11 000 sq. m. and it works on the second floor of the shopping mall. "Auchan" is Arricano's partner within Prospekt shopping mall project and has independently performed supermarket construction financing.

The design of Prospekt shopping mall building is developed in such a way to ensure center's good visibility from a distance. The facade consists of a combination of three-dimensional parts, different in form and finishes material. Prospekt shopping mall is a bright and colorful landmark, focal point for the left-bank part of Kyiv. The Chapman Taylor, world known architectural company, was working at the shopping mall's design and architecture.

The shopping mall offers free parking for 1350 cars. Parking has a custom layout: 127 parking spaces in front of the façade, 450 on the roof of the shopping mall, and 658 on the first floor, directly under "Auchan" supermarket. The placement of the parking on the shopping mall's roof is one of the most popular design solutions in Europe, and Prospekt shopping mall is one of the first projects in Ukraine, where this technology has been applied. The roof parking space can be used efficiently and ergonomically (which is very important in a modern city), and also contributes to the shopping mall's customers' flows equal distribution.

Driving shopping complex

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