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Elegant business clothes for men and women: suits, suit jackets, trousers, shirts, ties, belts and many other things.
Art hypermarket of Ukrainian manufacturers. Products for painting, décor, interior design, arts & crafts sets and learning kits are presented.
A wide range of leather products: bags, brief cases, travelling bags, porte monnaies, purses, beauty bags, business-organizers and day planners
Islet of exquisite perfumes for men and women
A shop of holiday events and positive emotions
More than 300 brands of premium cosmetics, perfumes, skin and hair care, beauty accessories are presented in BROCARD stores: Chanel, Dior, Lancôme, Guerlain, Clinique, Clarins, Givenchy, Gucci, La Prairie, Yves Saint Laurent, Evian, Collistar, Estee Lauder, Dolce & Gabbana, Eisenberg, Hermes, Trussardi, Lanvin, Payot, Elizabeth Arden, Carolina Herrera, Lacoste, Versace, Alfaparf, Biotherm and other top brands. BROCARD is also developing niche perfumery: there are more than 60 niche fragrance houses in the chain portfolio.
Multi-brand store of men's and women's clothing and accessories
A shop of bathing suits, beach accessories and stockings of famous Italian brand
A shop selling casual clothes for men and women from a well-known German brand
Sparkling wines and oysters
Island with natural coffee and delicious desserts
A shop of high-quality brand outdoor clothes and jeans for men and women
The Conte brand store is a space for those who dress according to trends, appreciate comfort and high quality. Clothes for the whole family.
A fashionable, functional, comfortable and fun footwear shop for people who prefer the best
A shop of clothes for teenagers and young people
Shop of electronics and home appliances
ESTRO is a fashion brand of shoes, bags and accessories for women and men. Online store:  Toll free line: 0 800 330 770  
A special place in the shopping mall where both children and adults can perfectly have fun. Here there is a mega-trampoline, labyrinth, cars, merry-go-rounds and a lot of other things
A shop offering clothes for young people who appreciate freedom and vivid emotions
Italian restaurant famous for the most delicious pizza cooked following a special recipe
A shop of high-quality and stylish footwear for the whole family from the most renowned brands
A famous Italian brand of underwear presenting a choice of women’s and men’s underwear, bathing suits, bathrobes, pajamas, nightgowns, tops, loungewear and nightwear
Store of quality Korean cosmetics in new format
JASMINE is a trendy lingerie at attractive prices, which is produced in Ukraine from the best European fabrics from leading manufacturers in Italy, Spain, Latvia, Belarus and Switzerland.
Agency of tourist purchases
A store of household products helping to create a special warm and cosy atmosphere: furniture, decorations, bed clothes and accessories
Mobile communication shop
Store of stylish beautiful clothes for modern women
A shop of stylish, bright and comfortable clothes for the whole family - for women, men, children and teenagers - from the Turkish manufacturer
LERROS is one of the most prestigious clothing brands! LERROS creates casual clothing made of natural fabrics and combines free style with German restraint. Designers have developed and maintained an urban adventure style in LERROS collections!
Bright accessories and gifts for men and women
A shop offering clothes for all occasions – coats, jackets, dresses, suits, sweaters and polos, as well as the accessories
A shop offering products for pets: petfood, special furniture, cosmetics, ammunition, vitamins, veterinary products, bowls, clothes and grooming equipment
The most famous and beloved fast-food restaurant in the world. On the restaurant menu there are hamburgers, cheeseburgers, salads drinks and many other things
Islet of flowers that fit every taste
Consumer goods for daily use at competitive prices
A shop presenting clothes for confident and independent women. All models comply with the latest trends of fashion world
The biggest cinema on the left bank of Kyiv with the newest equipment, 7 halls, comfortable chairs and the latest products of world movie industry
A shop offering footwear of genuine leather for men and women from leading European manufacturers
High-quality sportswear and casual wear store for men, women and children
Noodle bar with great food, big portions and No limit drinks
A youthful clothes and accessories shop presenting a choice of dresses, skirts, jackets, jeans, suit jackets and many other things
Women's clothing and accessories. Stylish and fashionable clothing for modern women
Fashionable clothes of high quality at affordable prices. Clothing is designed to help women express themselves while maintaining their individuality
PALITRA is a chain of professional cosmetics stores specializing in hair, face, body and nail care products.
The PANDORA jewelry brand is well-known all over the world through designs manufactures and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewelry made from high-quality materials at affordable prices.
Shop of stylish bags and accessories
Quality sportswear for every day for men and women
Shop of quality sports goods at the most affordable prices all year round
Monobrand shop of known Finnish brand of clothing and footwear for active kids
A shop of brand-name fashionable clothes for women, men and children presenting a range of original bold models to fit any taste taking into account modern European trends
A confectionary shop offering a range of products of leading Ukrainian manufacturer: candies, chocolate, and confectionery by weight and in original packing
A restaurant offering the tastiest freshly-cooked dishes. Big pieces and reasonable prices.
A store of small and large home appliances, audio and video devices, cell phones and smartphones of Samsung TM
A shop of fashionable clothes for girls presenting models of various style: for inspiration, uncommon solutions, club life and for everyday wear
A shop of clothes for young and energetic people who appreciate style, universalism and high quality
Functional sportswear for men and women
Shop of the European brand of men's and women's shoes, as well as accessories.
Brand of women's clothing, born in Ukraine. We create the brightest dresses and shoes for Ukrainian beauties. If you value style and elegance - our clothes made for you!
Multibrand store of shoes and accessories that combines more than 20 world famous brands
Shop with a wide selection of products: cosmetics, perfumes and household products
A shop offering footwear of well-known brands at affordable prices. Always up-to-date collections
A shop of leather products offering stylish and high-quality products to fit any taste
A shop of women’s lingerie, pajamas, clothes for home, bathing suits and accessories
Store of original and certified gadgets
French brand Yves Rocher, Botanical Beauty® Expert  since 1959, has been creating effective cosmetics and perfumes for over 60 years, taking care of women around the world and fulfilling this mission with respect for nature. The company's products are presented in six cosmetic categories: face, body and hair care, perfumery, makeup and hygiene. The key beauty products of the brand are face and body skin care. The company offers effective formulas for all skin types based on botanical ingredients grown in its own fields. Expert hair care from Yves Rocher, as well as bath and shower products with amazing aromas, are very popular all over the world (and in Ukraine as well). More than 1,100 natural ingredients, the most natural ingredients in formulas, a fully controlled production cycle are not the only things brand can be proud of. Eco-responsibility and environmental protection are always at the heart of everything created by the brand. Not only does Yves Rocher reduce the use of natural resources and the weight of packaging, it selects the ecodesign concept for products and uses recycled materials: the company also supports the Yves Rocher Foundation eco-projects, including tree planting (Yves Rocher Foundation has pledged to plant 100 million trees worldwide by the end of 2020) and assistance in developing the best women's local eco-projects within the Terre de Femmes Award.
Shop of quality and noble jewelry
A shop offering portable audio and video service and devices: cell phones, TV-sets, accessories, mobile wireless Internet
Ukrainian brand shop of underwear that meets current world tendencies in beauty industry
High-quality service pharmacy. A wide choice of medical products and products for health and beauty
Shop of stylish and high-quality footwear for men and women
Low prices hypermarket with wide range of household, sports, leisure products, seasonal goods, goods for children, clothes, footwear, furniture and, of course, a big choice of food, including the in-house and store-brand products
The first  cuisine restaurant on the left bank of the capital where cheese is brought from the diary located in the depth of Carpathians
Budynok ihrashok is leader in the toy stores network in Ukraine. We believe that adults do not exist, which is why we offer so many toys that you can find exactly the right one, both little kids, and not very little. In more than 50 beautiful and pink stores we have been helping to choose the dreamy gift and for 20 years we have made our parents heroes for their children!
Books and stationery store. Wide range of learning books and literature, posters and postcards
A shop of original watches from well-known Swiss, French, German and Japanese manufacturers
Children's cozy cafe at the territory of children's entertainment complex Fly Park
Electronic cigarettes and related accessories
Islet of stylish jewelery
A jewellery store presenting various kinds of jewellery products with precious and semi-precious stones, as well as the accessories for women and men
The room is equipped with changing table
Fast-food restaurant where you can taste the most delicious chicken wings, burgers, salads and many other things.
A shop selling sunglasses and prescription glasses, modern optical frames, contact lenses where one can use a professional ophthalmologist’s advice
The whole range of logistics services, fast and reliable delivery of documents, correspondence and letters in Ukraine
The chain of watch stores «Secunda» has been providing its customers a wide range of products from world famous brands: CERTINA, BALMAIN, TISSOT, CASIO, G-SHOCK, BABY-G, SWISS MILITARY HANOWA, ROYAL LONDON, etc.
Іslet of silver jewelry
Shop where you can find everything for your child, all under one roof
A huge range of sport goods for every taste and occasion
Island of modern silver accessories
Modern Japanese cuisine restaurant with a cozy hall, diversified menu and reasonable prices
A fine jewellery store offering items in classic and modern design
Technologies which every person needs in order to achieve results of better quality at work and at leisure
Household appliances and electronics supermarket
A shop of amazing hand-made gifts from the best craftsmen
Professional manicure and hand skin-care for the whole family
A Japanese restaurant. On the restaurant menu there are sushi, rolls, sashimi, soups, salads, drinks and many other things
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