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When did you look at your family photos for the last time?

We offer you to have a look into your photo archive together. After all, it contains your family history, references to what your relatives did, what they dreamed about and how they were dressed. You can say a lot about a person, looking at his/her clothes. Moreover, it is very interesting: to observe how the fashion style has been changing, and what fashion cycle is.
What if on our own photos and on the photos of our parents we’ll see grunge style, urban chic, glamour, or just the classic? It may be really interesting to explore the family tree through fashion. 
We also can share the results of the research. Send your favorite photos and we, together with our stylist, will try to explore your family fashion-style.
We are preparing a photo exhibition, and we will be glad to get your photos, on which we could see something that now is called “look”. If you need more information - write us and we will send you details.

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