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The Cyclic Nature of Fashion has been Revealed on Family Photos Sent to Prospekt Shopping Mall

“Mode passes, style remains,” Coco Chanel said. In Prospekt shopping mall it was revealed that the fashion really goes, but comes back again. This statement can be proved by family photos of the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Looking at the way our parents, relatives and friends were dressed, we can easily find modern fashion trends in their outfits. If you look at them more attentively from the point of view of fashion, you’ll definitely see the heredity of the family style.
On the Facebook page of Prospekt shopping mall the project “Cyclic Nature of Fashion” is announced: https: // All interested persons who want to track their genealogy fashion-tree are invited to participate. Perhaps someone will find the most unexpected answer to the question - why flower dress is my favorite one? - because your grandmother had the same dress.
Read about the terms of participation in the project in the official rules:

6 reasons to take part in the family-oriented fashion-project “Cyclic Nature of Fashion”:
•    An excuse to look into a family photo archive and enjoy pleasant memories
•    To find a similarity and look in another way, who resembles whom, what lives your relatives lived, who they looked like on photos and how they were dressed
•    To take pictures of the photos you liked most and share them with people who are also interested in tracking the heritage of fashion and style on the Facebook page of Prospekt shopping mall, which has over 50 thousand followers 
•    To get a stylist's advice, who will tell you more about the dynamism of the family style
•    To take part in a photo exhibition, which will be demonstrated in Prospekt shopping mall
•    To receive a personal PR from Prospekt shopping mall and the edition “The Only One” (“Yedinstvennaya”).
The project “Cyclic Nature of Fashion” is very personal and leads to our sources. This fact gives us strength and new ideas how to develop our style, investigating the family history. After all, the most important life rules and guidelines we receive in a family, from our parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. We absorb this information deeply, at a subtle mental level that reveals itself in conscious life and gives us confidence in our choice and decision-making.
Send us photos till June, 11 and come to the exhibition in Prospekt shopping mall. The official opening will take place on June, 18. Watch for the announcements and news of Prospekt, rich in fashion news. 
The partners of the project are Love Republic, Conte, Colin's, Vovk, which are represented in Prospekt shopping mall.

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