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Astrology and predictions in Prospekt shopping mall

Guests know that Prospekt shopping mall often hosts interesting and useful events. You can come to the shopping mall and plunge into an original leisure time: once big chess, then space. And recently, they had the opportunity to meet with the astrologer Alina Shubska, who conducted prediction sessions for those in love on a special point. 

There were enough people who wanted to learn about themselves, their creative and personal potential from the point of view of celestial bodies. After all, many people believe in horoscopes and that the position of the planets affects the Earth's World. The uncertain and somewhat stressful 2020 has reinforced this belief: according to Google Statistics, last year the popularity of the query "astrology" in the English-speaking world reached its peak value in the last 5 years. In addition, for young people, astrology becomes one of the tools of self-knowledge and a way to establish relationships with loved ones or management. 

Prospekt shopping mall supports trends and suggests that its visitors constantly develop in the spiritual aspect. According to the guests who attended Alina's session, they understood what they should focus on in life, and found out the answers to their questions about current affairs.  

So welcome to Prospekt shopping mall for interesting and informative entertainment! 

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