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The Star Complex: 5 brightest speakers

One could find not only entertainment in the shopping mall. It was possible to develop new skills, change one’s style and habits with star speakers.
1. Psychologist practitioner Volodymyr Naumenko gave effective tips on how to achieve goals and build a harmonious relationship.
2. Chef Yevhen Klopotenko shared the secrets of provocative combinations to demonstrate new culinary opportunities.
3. Food photographer Anna Logacheva taught to make bright and vivid pictures of food.
4. Yoga teacher and founder of The Change studio Taisiia Pavliukova demonstrated that physical activity can be pleasant, not exhaustive and give one a sense of lightness.
5. The stylist and shopper Rost Dikoi demonstrated how to improve one’s style and find a balance between an inner world and appearance.
On December 1, “Prospekt” shopping mall will be celebrating its fifth anniversary, and Weekend magazine explains why this holiday should not be missed and why the complex attracts visitors.
On December 1, guests of “Prospekt” shopping mall will enjoy: Serhii Babkin's concert, children's master classes and team competitions, photographic zones, art sets and flash pictures, discounts, and the most active participants will get gifts and super gifts. More interesting facts in the following news.

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