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Edutainment Happy moments: what might chemistry interest young visitors to Prospekt shopping mall with

Learning and having fun at the same time is not a hopeless fantasy, but a reality that will become available to visitors of Prospekt shopping mall on October 3. After all, on the occasion of the 6th birthday of the shopping and entertainment center, the Edutainment Happy moments location will be open, and there will be a place for robots, painting, and chemistry.
As for the latter, the "Interesting chemistry" laboratory will open in the shopping mall for a few hours, where young researchers will be able to discover an interesting world of chemical reactions. In particular, children will be able to make a natural lip balm, learn the basics of molecular cuisine, "golden" nails and learn what a "chemical chameleon" is. In addition, the organizers are planning bright chemical experiments. 
Also on October 3, other interesting events are planned in Prospekt shopping mall, including a test drive of protective eco-masks, a soap bubbles show and circus performances. For more activities, follow the link:

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