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Edutainment Happy moments in Prospekt shopping mall: a creative master class from ART MART

At the 6th birthday of Prospekt shopping mall, which will be held on October 3, even entertainment will be educational. During the second half of the day, the Edutainment Happy moments location will host fun and educational events for young guests of the shopping mall. 
In particular, the ART MART creative supplies store will organize an exclusive master class. The store will provide participants with paints, paper, and easels to sample their own masterpiece. The creative process will be led by history teacher Maria Marchenko, who likes to draw and share her skills with everyone. 
Also, on October 3, other interesting events are scheduled in Prospekt shopping mall, including a lecture by practicing psychologist Volodymyr Naumenko, a dynamic performance by cheerleaders, an animation program "Puppy Patrol" etc. For more activities, follow the link:

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