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“Cyclical Nature of Fashion” exhibition from the Prospekt shopping mall’s subscribers in Facebook

The “Cyclical Nature of Fashion” exhibition will open in Prospekt shopping mall, on June 25. The photo-exhibition was created on the basis of old family photos sent by guests, subscribers and fashion-followers of Prospekt shopping mall. 
Many interesting details were found during the project:
-    we received more than 500 family fashion photos from the Prospekt shopping mall’s audience. And that means that you can look at your photos from different angles of view. Including through fashion;
-    it was not easy to organize photos. Each photo sent is special, warm, full of memories;
-    the stylist outlined the 8 most obvious styles that can be also seen on the photos today, in the new fashion collections spring-summer 2019;
-    the theme of the cyclical nature of fashion is being studied in Ukraine. For example, Valerii Lysenko sent an interesting publication from the private project “1000 Years of Ukrainian Culture”.
All about styles, heritage of fashionable preferences, how to find a family fashion-line — all this is shown on exhibition in Prospekt shopping mall. We invite you to look and find your family line of fashion favorites.

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