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Hospitable Complex: 5 popular cuisines on the food court

To have a light snack or a meal after shopping is almost a must-have program at “Prospekt” shopping mall. It is not just to satisfy hunger. It is also because there are many different catering facilities on the local food court, each of which offer something special and, of course, delicious. Which cuisines have become the most popular among visitors?
1. European: Café City-Zen is especially popular in this category
2. Asian: If you want something Eastern, visit Noodle Doodle
3. McDonald's: Can we imagine our life without it?
4. Italian: Visit Il Molino to eat a delicious pizza
5. New formats: Not everything can be squeezed to a specific framework. You will find interesting dishes in Salateira and Roti
On December 1, “Prospekt” shopping mall will be celebrating its fifth anniversary, and Weekend magazine explains why this holiday should not be missed and why the complex attracts visitors. On December 1, guests of “Prospekt” shopping mall will enjoy: Serhii Babkin's concert,
children's master classes and team competitions, photographic zones, art sets and flash pictures, discounts, and the most active participants will get gifts and super gifts. More interesting facts in the following news.

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