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Creative transformation in Smart style - tips from Prospekt shopping mall

Smart life hacks can be completely different and apply to different spheres of life. In Prospekt, this issue has been studied with experts, and now you can see what could be done when you give old things a new life - Fantasy, desire and responsibility - if you combine these inner impulses into a single stream, a new hype will appear.
Iryna Litvinska has shared interesting ideas, demonstrating her own experience of fashion- recycling. We would like to remind you that the social project “Smart-consumption. Be no fool” has been held in Prospekt shopping mall.
The experts who shared their own life hacks on how to be and live in smart style visited Prospekt shopping mall. This project has already got feedback from thousands of Kyiv residents who visit the shopping mall, talk about their experiences and propose to develop a new version of “Be no fool” to get their kids involved into the discussion as much as possible.

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