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Postcards and motanka dolls: two master classes will be held in Prospekt shopping mall to mark the Day of Defenders

On October 14, Prospekt shopping mall will host two master classes dedicated to the Day of Defenders of Ukraine. 

The first meeting will be held in the spirit of the Cossacks and will start at 14:30. Together with the teacher of Gymnasium No. 283 Mykola Shved, the children will create a motanka doll in the style of "lovebirds" - this is a talisman of family happiness and loyalty. The mission of the master class is not just creative, but also retrospective one: by creating a charm that our ancestors made, children pay tribute to their traditions and give them a new life. 

The second workshop will focus on cardmaking and will start at 15:30. Participants will make a medal with their own hands as respect for the actions of their most native heroes – dads, moms, relatives, relatives. They will be assisted in this by history teacher Maria Marchenko.  

The necessary creative accessories – paper, decorative elements and tools – will be provided by the ART MART store, on the shelves of which you can find a lot of things for creativity.

Master classes will be held in the food court area on the second floor, so that participants can maintain a social distance. 

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