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Message of freedom from the befree fashion brand in Prospekt shopping mall

A befree store has opened in Prospekt shopping mall, which motivates you to express yourself and demonstrate your freedom. Even from the brand name itself, the message "to be" and "free" sounds.  

Befree designers update their fashion collections every month, offering comfortable trend solutions in different styles – classic, casual clothing, fashion sports and even preppy. In the original lines, especially on dresses, you can see the masterful execution of embroidery, applications or diverse prints that add originality and uniqueness. 

In Ukraine, befree already has supporters in Lviv, Dnipro, and Zaporizhzhia. Prospekt shopping mall offers to get to know the brand better and find out how much befree's service, solutions and values will be shared by guests of the shopping mall who are already used to updating their wardrobe according to their own fashion preferences. The store area is 250 sq.m., which is enough space to conveniently lay out models and present ready-made looks from befree. 

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