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iPhone 12 on Black Friday and cashback certificates on Black Weekdays

On Black Friday, there will be a drawing of the brand new iPhone 12 from Eldorado. In order to make the week-long waiting more pleasant, we are announcing black weekdays of cashback in Prospekt shopping mall!
Make purchases in any shopping mall store (except for the Auchan hypermarket) to the amount of UAH 1500 or more, register a receipt and get guaranteed cashback in the form of a certificate – 300 UAH from the Art Mart creative supplies store or 250 UAH from Budynok Ihrashok.
The more receipts you get, the more likely you are to win. Hurry up, because the quantity of certificates is limited!
For the rules for drawing iPhone 12 128GB Black from Eldorado, see the link: 

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