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Discount navigator in Prospekt shopping mall, or how to spend Black Friday without stress

Black Friday’s benefits are discounts from favorite brands of clothing, appliances, and cosmetics. Its weakness is all this information that should be sought on the sites and pages in the social networks of each store, and it takes time, great care and patience. Prospekt shopping mall makes the benefit of this weakness and runs an online navigator through leading discount stores that are on the territory of shopping mall.

Thanks to this service, you can create the desired images for every day or for a special occasion. For example, a sweater from befree + jeans from Colin’s + boots from INTERTOP + coat from Langora + bag from Bags etc - and at the end we will get a fashionable look in a casual style. You can add to the wish list in the personal account all the things that have found a response in the heart and wallet, and then calmly and purposefully go shopping in Prospekt shopping mall.

In addition you can share a wish list with your loved ones and thus subtly hint what gift you want for the New Year holidays.

You can use the navigator at the link: 


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