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On gastronomic improvisation and blogging culture in Ukraine with Yevhen Klopotenko in Prospekt shopping mall

Food lecture of culinary expert Yevhen Klopotenko for guests of Prospekt shopping mall is an excellent opportunity to talk about his future book, Ukrainian bloggers, school meals and new gastronomic tastes in his restaurant. In the exclusive interview with PR manager of Prospekt shopping mall Olena Obukhivska.

“If you play with food, you’ll get thousand times more tastes. After all, if you just add orange peel to your borsch, it will completely change the perception of this dish. At the same time, there are a lot of Ukrainian herbs, fruits, and vegetables, which also can be used. I like to make experiments in the field of gastronomy. This generates positive experience and a new taste of life. After all, food is one of the indicators of quality of our life, thinking and attitude to the world,” Yevhen shared his thoughts.
He noted that a person perceives food not only through taste buds, but complexly - through the atmosphere, eyes, aromas, and through comparing the sensations. In general, food, first of all, should be useful. Especially, food for schoolchildren. “To make children change their diet consciously, parents need to change their attitude towards food,” Yevhen is convinced.

5 tips for parents from Yevhen Klopotenko 

No.1. Parents often force their children to eat healthy food, which is not always tasty. At the same time, they do not do it themselves. To teach children to eat healthy food, parents have to follow this principle. Remove from the diet sausages and sweets, and add, for example, celery instead.
No. 2. Cook together with children. In this case, they will discover new tastes and will respect the taste preferences of adults and children. 
No.3. Add to the diet of your children as much vegetables, fruits and herbs as possible, and develop their taste buds - cilantro, celery, beets, pumpkin .... 
No. 4. Avoid prohibitions. Any ban enhances the desire, especially the desire to eat something unhealthy.
No.5. Subscribe your children to the right resources. Watch or read them together with children. Such a common approach develops common value orientations, including those related to a healthy diet.

About the blogging culture in Ukraine
Yevhen is optimistic about the development of blogging culture in Ukraine, “Today, Ukrainians express their positions in social networks. It has become possible thanks to technologies; however, famous people, public figures and writers were also bloggers, who shared their principles and programs. They just used other resources available at that time - notes, letters and books. At all times, bloggers are a positive social trend, as people have the right to choose: what to read, with whom agree or disagree.

About personal blog 
“Together with the team we plan 70% of our content in advance. To post one photo, we make up to 30 doubles. I like writing posts, setting out my thoughts and expressing opinions, so that my readers would be interested and look in a different way at common things. I like to find the right words to make my posts beautiful. Sometimes I find it difficult to respond to subscribers' comments, because, without knowing a person, there is a risk to misunderstand the message, not realizing what the author really meant.”

“I am a Ukrainian”
The book “Temptation with Food. 70 recipes, which you’ll want to try” will be published soon. Yevhen Klopotenko said that he had thought about it all his life. I really want to read it. I am sure that the book, as well as a lecture or a conversation with Yevhen, is full of experiments and new approaches.
It concerns both school meals, recommendations for parents, and professional blogging - sincerely and vitally. Yevhen also shared his personal patriotic position, “Ukraine has everything Europe is proud of. And I am proud that I am a Ukrainian.” In our team we adhere to this idea, as well as to the idea of corporate social responsibility, innovations, experiments and positives,” Olena Obukhivska, PR manager of Prospekt shopping mall says.

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