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Humanity as a Social Asset in “Prospekt” shopping mall

In “Prospekt” shopping mall at the special event “Humanity is our asset” the Ukrainians who have their own social projects met. 
The meeting was special for two reasons. First, the occasion for the meeting was the birthday of the capital's online edition “Weekend” ( It started to work three years ago and the editorial board decided to mark the event together with socially active individuals who invest their time and resources in noble civic causes. Without PR and without earning money, but making this world better and kinder. Today there is a new trend – instead of receiving birthday presents, birthday people offer their friends to transfer money to charity funds. According to this principle, “Weekend” edition celebrated the holiday with socially active people who shared their deeds in order to attract attention and possibly pass the torch of kindness to others.
Secondly, today it has become a norm when companies and businesses support corporate social projects (CSP as they are called in business language). It turns out that good deeds are a part of life position of Ukrainians, though they don’t tell much about it. That is why in “Prospekt” shopping mall it was decided to tell stories about kindness and convey the idea that humanity is an asset of Ukrainians.
Alina Shubska takes care of homeless animals, Inessa Rohovska donates blood, Iryna Chmut is a volunteer, who helps Ukrainian militaries, Hanna Nosach takes care of children's safety and conducts special trainings, Nina Saliy creates an inclusive space, Anna Shamalo sort trash and involves others to the process, Iryna Proskurina brings plogging to Ukrainian culture, Valerii Honcharenko initiates creation of a clean city, without plastic.
“We sincerely congratulate the “Weekend” team on the holiday and are proud that the socially active leaders who make efforts to improve the world with their kindness, enthusiasm and noble deeds met in “Prospekt” shopping mall.  Their stories are worth being read and getting inspired. That's why every story in online platform of “Prospekt” shopping mall is about kindness,” Olena Obukhivska, communications manager of “Prospekt” shopping mall says. 

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