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About messages of visitors addressed to the administration of "Prospekt" shopping mall

Guests of shopping malls often send their messages through social networks, website or e-mail. Write reviews, ask questions and send complaints or thanks. All messages are important to the administration of “Prospekt” shopping mall, because the feedback of our guests let us learn many interesting things to change and improve the service.
Everyone is happy to receive thanks, especially for his/her work and professionalism. “Prospekt” shopping mall thanks Halyna Shumeieva for her feedback about the administrator Natalia Nezghoda. She helped Halyna to solve her problem quickly.
The message doesn’t say what exactly the visitor needed. However, the team of “Prospekt” shopping mall knows for sure that Natalia Nezghoda is dedicated to her work, knows all the tenants and performs her duties honestly.
We are grateful to Natalia and Halyna for their loyalty, cooperation and the development of relations between “Prospekt’ shopping mall and the visitors.

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