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About family shopping, values and personal impressions from the employees of “Prospekt” shopping mall

Welcome to have a convenient, reliable and safe shopping! “Prospekt” shopping mall invites you to have shopping as usual.
Natalia Nezghoda, administrator of “Prospekt” shopping mall, tells about shopping, values and personal impressions journalists of RetailersUA:

“The shopping mall is a large social facility, and we must monitor security issues: temperature screening, disinfectors, stickers reminding of social distance are on the floor. 

During six years of working in the mall, my attitude to shopping has changed. From the first days, I felt that any things became available to me and at any time, so I did not need to choose a separate day for a shopping trip. Therefore, the emphasis shifted to rare special things. In BROCARD store I can be among the first to test new products. “Bukva” store brings expensive collectible books that give me a sense of happiness. By the way, after the quarantine my first purchase was a rare book about champagne.

Today our food courts work mainly for delivery. Of course, this is inconvenient for the visitors. But we partially have solved this problem by opening a summer terrace. Today the mall offers an opportunity to have lunch or dinner. This is a huge advantage, and I’ve appreciated it after the two-month quarantine.


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