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Reality show for those in love in Prospekt shopping mall: what do they know about each other

On February 14, visitors to Prospekt shopping mall joined the space festival of love, where everyone could find something to their liking to suit their taste. One of those was a reality show for people in love. Do you remember how in the noughties a show was on television, where those in love, alternately putting on headphones, answered the host's questions about each other's preferences? That's what it was like in Prospekt shopping mall, because the shopping mall is the best place to test your knowledge of the tastes of your family and loved ones. 

One of the participants of the show was the editor-in-chief of Weekend in Kyjiw journal Svitlana Maksymets and her "second half" Eduard, who has the rank of colonel. And here's what she says about her impressions of the game:

"I told everything about the colonel: that he can play the accordion, his favorite actor is Sean Connery, and his latest hobby is audiobooks. We failed in only one question: about the place of the first kiss. I was sure it was in his car. And he says that it was at the house entrance, when he accompanied me home. So we won 11 out of 12 questions." 

The couple in love proved that they know each other perfectly, so they received gifts from Prospekt shopping mall and brands. 

The video of the game can be viewed here:

So a visit to Prospekt shopping mall is both an opportunity to have fun with your loved one, and a way to easily learn about their preferences, and sometimes an opportunity to find out new facts from their biography.

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