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Roti restaurant at Prospekt shopping mall offers you to form your plate by yourself

A new Roti spot to eat with the appetizing positioning - the chicken kitchen, opened at the food court in Prospekt shopping mall.
Visitors have already appreciated the hospitable service and delicious cuisine, which offers you an opportunity to put food on your plate by yourself. French fries, bulgur or other porridge - as a side. Vegetables - fresh, steamed or grilled. The same situation is with chicken meat, with a cooking technology on a by-order basis.
Another benefit of Roti is its own style of serving on unique long rectangular plates that no one else on the food court has.
It happened that everything in the complex is important for adults who appreciate a balanced diet and for children who enjoy the use of new geometric dishes.
Roti has a number of original combinations. The menu is presented in the categories “soups”, “snacks”, “chicken dishes”, “meat dishes”, “grill”, “salads”, “for children”, “drinks” and “desserts”. The restaurant recommends tasting Roti sauce.
Members of Roti team say that they know how to combine two approaches - food as art and taste as at home. After all, only natural products are used for cooking.

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