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Secret gifts in Prospekt shopping mall

In March, Prospekt shopping mall offers its guests to win a secret gift - a stylish secret box. What's inside is still a mystery. You can only hint that it can be something interesting, useful, amazing, fashionable, original....
Someone likes to give gifts more, someone likes to receive them, and someone likes both. In Prospekt shopping mall, it is easy to implement all three options at once. And anyone who sees one of the 200 secret boxes will immediately want to get it. And this is an absolutely natural desire of a person who appreciates the beautiful and stylish, the unknown and intriguing.
We would also like to wish you good luck, fulfillment of your wishes and luck in the secret box campaign, where you need to register receipts and take part in the prize draw. There will be a live broadcast on social networks, so you can track the process on your own gadget. For more information, see the official rules on the Prospekt shopping mall website: 

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