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The Smart Complex: 5 unique projects

“Prospekt” shopping mall entertains, prompts and develops. That’s why it launches projects not typical for the mall, which tell about conscious consumption, clearly demonstrate the cyclicality of fashion, award for photographing of food and even encourage doing sports. Here are the projects that are especially memorable.
1 Lifehacks in smart style
Eight mounts on how to make your shopping smart and be responsible making decisions about your purchases appeared in the mall. Tips, arguments and advice how to choose the right shoes and cosmetics, extend life of things and not to lose your creativity and personality.
2 Cyclic nature of fashion
Fashion passes and comes back. No wonder, that modern trends cause the feeling that we have already seen them somewhere. Therefore, “Prospekt” shopping mall found the confirmation of the fact. Old family photos, generously shared by the visitors and the employees of the mall, prove that today we deal with fashionable motifs from the 90s, 80s and even 70s. Some of us even found an interesting trend, for example, a favourite dress looks almost as your beloved grandmother’s dress.
3 Sports Challenge
Open training sessions for those who challenge their laziness, performances of workout teams, cheerleaders and football freestylers and even the real competitions – this is how “Prospekt” shopping mall has supported the desire of its guests to remain athletic, active and mobile.
4 # nopostsnofood (#незапостивнепоїв)
This project combined two modern passions: photos for social networking sites and attractive delicious food. For almost a month, the visitors of “Prospekt” have been posting pictures taken at the mall's food court to win edible gifts. To help the guests make the photos really beautiful and spectacular, we invited the food photographer Hanna Logacheva to share the secrets at the master class.
5 Catalog
For convenient shopping “Prospekt” has added the heading “Shop” to its Facebook page. It presents bestsellers of different brands. Buyers can view the catalog on social network, find out the price and read the description of the product. So, when they visit the store, they can immediately show the seller what they want to buy without wasting time.
On December 1, “Prospekt” shopping mall will be celebrating its fifth anniversary, and Weekend magazine explains why this holiday should not be missed and why the complex attracts visitors.
On December 1, guests of “Prospekt” shopping mall will enjoy: Serhii Babkin's concert, children's master classes and team competitions, photographic zones, art sets and flash pictures, discounts, and the most active participants will get gifts and super gifts. More interesting facts in the following news.

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