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Sport challenge at Prospekt shopping mall — a challenge to personal laziness

There will be open trainings “Sport challenge” in Prospekt shopping mall on June 1 — specially for those who are challenging their personal laziness. 
The program will consist of: 
•    showcases of workout sport teams, cheerleaders and football freestyle players
•    open yoga and pilates trainings
•    sports and entertainment master classes
•    “Sport challenge” flashmob competitions
•    children’s sport lessons
Everyone choosing to have active rest, is engaged in sports daily or from time to time, adults and children, men and women, will select the training for themselves that will suit their lifestyle and preferences. 
The “Sport challenge” program in Prospekt shopping mall is planned to be intense, mobile and exciting, in order to motivate the participants to challenge their laziness and procrastination. This unfamiliar word means postponing important cases for later. So let it remain unfamiliar, because at Prospekt shopping mall you will be able to charge from athletes under Dj-music. And then — to dance and train, and not to stop in their urge to be active and athletic.    
Partners — sport brands “Marafon”, Pro-Sport, New Balance, Puma, Under Armour.
Let’s put a challenge to laziness together at Prospekt shopping mall. Starting at 14:00. 

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