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Prospekt shopping mall: about Smart ideas adopted from art

Smart life hacks are being discussed with leaders of public opinion and investigated from different positions in Prospekt shopping mall. Serhii Vynnychenko, a well-known Ukrainian author and presenter of the theater blog Theatrical Fishery, recommends turning to Art, to adopt ready-made decisions from plays and performances. After all, the theater is both a source of inspiration and a way to feel personally what good is and how it affects us. Besides, art is a provider of romance to real-life. All this is easy to realize and to transfer into reality being under the impression.
Smart position or attitude is always an incentive to find a better copy of you and to explore yourself. That is why people, fairy tales and parables talk about the necessity to be smart (“Be no fool”) when they want to emphasize that everything should be done wisely and responsibly. Responsible to other people, nature, community and ourselves.
You can watch the Smart Relationship video on Prospekt's YouTube channel at:
Prospekt shopping mall wants you to have more smart in your life. And be no fool in different circumstances.

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