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Prospekt Shopping Mall recommends styling-shoes

Trends may be different, but convenience is always the same. Especially, convenience in 
footwear, which is a major element of style. Any look can be enhanced with an interesting model.

It is clear that the basic approach by choosing shoes is convenience. Then you feel comfortable, confident and convincing.

The modern fashion does customers a favor, offering a combination of sports shoes with elegant dresses and even business style clothing. The eclecticism of a light air tunic with ugly sneakers looks really cool.

The second important requirement for shoes is functionality. It is a pleasure to have a walk in beautiful elegant pumps, but you don’t feel well if they hurt your feet after you’ve made several steps.

The third argument is that shoes should be made of natural material.

The fourth one, which is rarely mentioned - is that the model should comply with physiological features - gait, foot shape, load points.

There are many points and requirements, but convenience is only one. There are many brands in Prospekt shopping mall: Estro, Intertop, Walker, Vitto Rossi, Welfare, Crocs, Munchen, Arella. Sports Shoes are offered in New Balance, Puma, Sketchers, Sportmaster, Under Armor, Marathon.

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