Welcome Happy moments in Prospekt shopping mall

On October 3, Prospekt shopping mall will host a performance in the style of Happy moments – happy moments for the birthday of the shopping and entertainment complex. The idea is for guests to be charged with positive emotions, relax their soul and at the same time discover something new and useful. 
Fan and kids on Happy moments
An animation program, remote master classes and useful lectures will last all day at Prospekt shopping mall, while DJ sets and PJ dances will add rhythm and drive. 
Parents may not worry – modern heroes of fjorks will distribute protective masks and disinfect children's hands in a playful way. And mirror people, who are also called ultra-modern moving art&photo objects, will cheer you up and entertain you.   
Cheerleading - sports and shows in Prospekt shopping mall 
Cheerleaders are able to create a motivating positive atmosphere, with calls, dances, sports exercises and dynamic musical compositions. 
6 Happy moments in different locations  
6 themed locations will be open this day in the social space of Prospekt shopping mall, where you can have an interesting time, have fun with the whole family and get useful information: intelligent Happy moment, Happy moments edutainment, Happy moments fun, Ultra-innovative photo zone, Happy moments music and Interactive happy moments with stylish presenter Vitos Shapovalov. Each point implies bright emotions and safe entertainment, which is so important to get on the weekend in order to fill up and reboot and achieve your goals with renewed energy. 
Intelligent Happy moment  
For the first time, the shopping mall will host an intelligent talk show with useful tips. 
Invited speakers: 
Volodymyr Naumenko, practical psychologist with the topic "Practical tips for 2020 in the style of a psychologist for yourself»
Nataliia Prilepova, pediatrician with the topic "What is important for everyone to know about COVID 19»
Anna Nosych, psychologist, trainer-consultant on child safety with the topic "About the safety of children online»
Practical advice from podiatrists on how to take care of your feet and get rid of fatigue and heaviness. 
Presentation of protective eco-masks from the manufacturer Abifarm. 
Moderator: Olena Obukhivska. All questions and answers will be real time
Happy moments edutainment 
The concept of edutainment is popular all over the world, because it combines learning and entertainment. That is, education + entertainment. And Prospekt shopping mall has been practicing this format of cooperation with children for six years, since its opening.  This humanitarian innovation is still relevant today, at Edutainment Point, where remote-format master classes from the Art Mart creative store, the fast workshop "Interesting chemistry" and the IT action Robokode from the school of robotics and programming will be held especially for children. 
Happy moments fun
For children, there will be an animated program "Puppy patrol", a clown show "Figliki" and a humorous cavalcade, a show of soap balls and circus performances – for remote contemplation and mood. 
Prize drawing & gifts 
If someone is planning to buy a new phone, Prospekt shopping mall has the opportunity to take advantage of the chance. After all, 6 VIVO smartphones will be raffled off at Happy moments for pre-registered receipts. Follow the link for the promotion rules: 
Active participants can also expect surprises from the stores of Prospekt shopping mall – bags.etc, "Sekunda", Zarina, befree during Happy moments. This will be additionally announced by the host, because he will offer guests of Prospekt shopping mall thematic contests and improvised interactive events, taking into account distance and respiratory etiquette. 
Ultra-innovative photo zone 
Specially in Prospekt shopping mall, an ultra-innovative 3D Led photo zone will operate at Happy moments, which provides photos in dynamics and infinity with special effects of depth and dynamic volume. These will be unique photos – for a dizzying mood for memory. 
And in the evening there will be a special surprise. It will be an enchanting salute performance!
Welcome to get happy moments on Happy moments in Prospekt shopping mall!
Partners - VIVO, Allo, Art Mart, "Kyiv" shopping mall, entertainment publication, Women’secret, Brocard, befree, Samsung, New Balance. 
There will be endless positive emotions at Happy moments in Prospekt shopping mall. But if you rationally look at the possibilities of performance and calculate how much you would need to spend from the family budget if you pay for a visit to a psychologist and pediatrician, the cost of participating in children's master classes and make purchases at prices without discounts? The benefits are obvious, even with a rational approach! 

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