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Vodafone in Prospekt shopping mall

A new Vodafone store from the leading mobile operator has been opened in Prospekt shopping mall. In Ukraine, the Vodafone network has 20.9 million subscribers. The monthly traffic of Prospekt shopping mall makes 1.7 million visitors, who use mobile communications, 3G, the Internet and mobile TV. The audience of brands coincides, so opening of the store with the total area of 134 square meters in the mall is a step towards offline customers - for the convenience and direct communication “brand-consumer”.
In general, the area of electronics in Prospekt shopping mall makes 3227 sq.m. and is represented by such operators as Samsung, Xiaomi, Kyivstar, Allo, Foxtrot, Eldorado, as well as by IT islands - Techno Ezh, Kiosk, SMSka, Pocket Store.

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