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More acquaintances and friends at master classes in Prospekt shopping mall
Weekend children's activities - every Saturday and Sunday in Prospekt shopping mall.
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Hello! Give a High Five at Prospekt Shopping Mall Birthday Party
On December 1, Prospekt shopping mall celebrates its birthday and invites guests to the holiday. Prospekt shopping mall is 5 years old. Therefore, the theme is “Give a high five and experience our holiday in return.”
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Weekend with children at Prospekt shopping mall
Prospekt shopping mall together with Logos Center invites parents and children to have a great time.
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What people liked about Halloween at Prospekt shopping mall: a YouTube blogger’s version
Halloween at Prospekt shopping mall was carried out in “frightening style”: scary painted children, scary fun and scary interesting
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At Prospekt shopping mall, we offer you to find your own smart with “no-fool” button
Social projects for buyers implemented at the shopping mall always resonate for several reasons. First of all, during shopping in the mall it is always interesting to look at shopping windows, showbills and information stands, to stop and to think everything over. Secondly, the shopping mall is an active social space, where meetings, negotiations, dialogues, questions and answers, exchange of thoughts, impressions and life hacks take place.
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Black Friday at “Prospekt” shopping mall
On November 29, Black Friday with black and white discounts will be held at Prospekt Shopping Mall.
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Campaign Rules in Prospekt mall
Campaign Organizer  LLC "Comfort Market Lux" is the Campaign Organizer (hereinafter, the "Organizer"). Location of the Organizer and postal address: 01032, Kyiv, 33 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd., 13th floor.  LLC "ADA-TRADING" is the Campaign Contractor. Contractor's location: Kyiv 35A Mashynobudivna St.
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Creative transformation in Smart style - tips from Prospekt shopping mall
Smart life hacks can be completely different and apply to different spheres of life
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