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ArtFashion in “Prospekt” shopping mall “From the 20s to the 20s”

An exhibition dedicated to the history of fashion “ArtFashion: from the 20s to the 20s” opens on July, 2 at “Prospekt” shopping mall.
The idea is to demonstrate the visitors of the shopping mall the line of development of fashion trends that can be observed through art - in paintings and photographs.
On the eight stands, each of which demonstrates elements of women's and men's clothing, there are works by famous artists and professional photographers of the last century. Looking at them, one can understand how dresses, costumes, accessories, hats and children's toys have been changing during the last 100 years: from the 20s of the last century to the present.
The central photos on each stand are this year's actual models from the brands Parfois, VOVK, Arber, Intertop, Camel Active, bags etc and “Toy House” - stylish, bright, attractive, trendy, which typify the best variations of this year's fashion industry.
The approach to the selection of photos and paintings at “Prospekt” shopping mall is scrupulous both from a culturological and from a fashionable retrospective. For example, on the stand about women's shoes there are images in different styles: “Flamenco Dance” by Pinot Deni from the Montreal Museum, “Marguerite Kelsey” by Meredith Frampton from the London Art Gallery, a photo of Marilyn Monroe during the filming of “Niagara” and many others.
“We tried to demonstrate the modern audience in “Prospekt” shopping mall the masterpieces of fashion, which have been created during the centuries. The artists have chosen the best works. We followed the same principle to show the fashion heritage of the centuries and to culminate the modern fashion offers from well-known brands for Ukrainian consumers. I think that in a century not only works of artists and photographers, but also stylish images from Instagram will become sources for the organization of such thematic ArtFashion,” Olena Obukhivska, Communications Manager of “Prospekt” shopping mall says.
Fashion increases its potential, being developed both cyclically and linearly, becomes more accessible and practical. In “Prospekt” shopping mall, we have already seen this, because the last year we held the art exhibition “Cyclic Nature of Fashion” and now demonstrate the linearity of fashion “from the 20s to the 20s”.
Welcome to contemplate and improve your own style, studying the proposals of modern brands.

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