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Barista, chef, waiter: frankly about food and guests

food & mood in Prospekt shopping mall

Do men take pictures of their food for Instagram, how often do they eat desserts; is it true that girls being alone prefer filling food, what kind of smoothie athletes like, how to make a proposal using sushi set? What for the visitors of Prospekt Shopping Mall are ready to give up home-made dumplings and borshch?
Weekend asked chefs, directors, baristas and waiters of catering facilites with Ukrainian, European, Italian, Pan-Asian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines about the habits of their guests, unusual orders and favorite customers.

Aurika, su-chief

- In “Yapona-Khata” we have two menus - the main one and “Asia”. “Asia” offers dishes specially developed by our brand chefs. This menu is changed every season, so that every three months you can visit us and try something original and new.
The main menu is Japanese cuisine: rolls, sets, rice and so on. It is also updated, but not as often as a seasonal one.

Most often, our customers order:
Udon noodles
Rice with chicken
Rolls: Philadelphia with salmon, cheesy with eel, a green dragon. However, Philadelphia Deluxe is beyond any competition.
We have an option: you can order additional ingredients to the dishes. People often use this option, add components to the rolls, when they want to make them more interesting and filling.

We do not have a separate menu for children, but we can treat children to panna cotta from the actual Asia menu.
In the second half of 2018 the preferences of men and women have changed radically. Now women order noodles, while men - rolls. It used to be the opposite.
As a rule, families, order sets with salmon or hanabi. When companies come to us, they often order Philadelphia with tuna (we use canned tuna, but it is really tasty), sometimes people order almost all roll positions. Waiting time for or order makes 5-10 minutes. When we are very busy, it can make up to 15 minutes. My favorite dish in the assortment of “Yapona-Khata” is rice with chicken; it is very tasty.

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