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Barista, chef, waiter: frankly about food and guests

food & mood in Prospekt shopping mall

Do men take pictures of their food for Instagram, how often do they eat desserts; is it true that girls being alone prefer filling food, what kind of smoothie athletes like, how to make a proposal using sushi set? What for the visitors of Prospekt Shopping Mall are ready to give up home-made dumplings and borshch?
Weekend asked chefs, directors, baristas and waiters of catering facilites with Ukrainian, European, Italian, Pan-Asian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines about the habits of their guests, unusual orders and favorite customers.

Karina, a senior barista

- We are a togo format coffee house, our peculiarity is that we present premium class arabica, trying to increase the level of coffee consumption culture. We want to give people a positive attitude, pleasant emotions and make them delighted with tasty drinks.

Among the most popular drinks are:

Classic coffee drinks: latte, cappuccino.

Fans of sweets choose raf - it’s very tasty, we cook it on the basis of cream. Since it is getting warmer, Ice latte and Mohito becomes more popular. 

We also offer desserts. We have our own pastry shop, all our desserts are fresh, products are delivered every two days. Positions are regularly updated here, for example, now we have a new product: panna cotta with a mango-passion fruit flavor, this is a very refreshing and interesting summer taste. Among the macaroons a dor blue taste appeared, because the guests asked us about this, and we always listen to their wishes.

Among the desserts the most popular are: 
lemon tarts 
nut tarts with salted caramel. 
We do not have a separate menu for children. However, almost all desserts, except for tiramisu soaked with Beilis, can be offered to children. We have meringues, shortbread with raisins - you can treat children to them. We are always ready to tell you about the composition of each dessert and recommend the right one.
Men often drink filter-Americano. This is a strong brisk drink. It is often chosen by businessmen who need to be in a good shape in the morning. The filter allows to fill taste, and aftertaste of coffee, to feel its smell. Among the desserts, brownies and nut tarts are the most popular – they are filling and energizing. 
Girls choose latte, cappuccino and other coffee drinks based on soy or almond milk. We have vegetarian drinks in different formats. They are in demand, because they are low-caloric. Today healthy eating is popular, so we support it.
Coffee is delivered to us immediately from Central America. For eight months, our employee has been watching how coffee is grown, how it is watered and fed. At the end of the season, he talks to different farmers, whose work he watched, kappits grains (coffee is brewed with water, the formed top from coffee is removed and tried to feel all the taste and the flavour) and chooses the best option.
We cooperate with the best coffee roaster in the country. Our roasting is light / medium. Only coffee shops with the highest quality of grain can afford such roasting. The worse is the quality of the grain, the more it is fried to kill the undesirable tastes, for example, mustiness, if the grain has been stored for a long time.
It is Arabica that we promote, not only because of its taste, but because it is more useful: it contains less caffeine than Robusta, less affects the heart, and so on. I think, that the Arabica boom is justified.

As for the unusual orders, I can remember a guy, who ordered two liters of lemon juice and drank it in one shot at the checkout. For the moment the culture of coffee consumption is not very developed in this country, therefore sometimes people ask, “do you have latte with milk?” Though this is one of the classic coffee drinks, and the word “latte” is translated from Italian as “milk”.
Waiting time for an order makes a minute; we prepare espresso in 30 seconds.
Our target audience is active people who came to the mall for shopping, they come to us to have a snack, to drink coffee and go on. We contact them for a moment, giving them positive emotions. Coffelat is different from other togo network coffee shops, because we have regular customers, we try to find a personal approach to everyone. Even if we do not have a position in the menu that a client wants, we try to do everything to make him/her happy and choose something suitable.
We are not too different from coffee shops located in the city: we have our own style, atmosphere, recognizable spirit of Coffelat. 

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