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We tried to found out in Prospekt shopping mall whether the Cossacks had "lovebirds"

On October 14, Mykola Shved, a modern Cossack and teacher at the capital's gymnasium No. 283, visited Prospekt shopping mall. He taught young visitors how to create a charm "lovebirds" from yarn, where red threads symbolize love, and white ones symbolize a bright road home.

"The custom of making such amulets came from Bulgaria. They are created during the spring holidays. They can be used as a souvenir. For example, in our gymnasium, we gave "lovebirds" to soldiers on the front line," said Mykola. 

During the workshop, he also spoke about three holidays that are celebrated in Ukraine on October 14. He started with the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks, in particular, he told about the foundation of the Zaporizka Sich and the life of its inhabitants. He also remembered the kharakternyk Cossacks who knew how to foreshadow and master the secrets of martial art. The most prominent representative of the kharakternyks was the Kish Otaman Ivan Sirko.

Another holiday is the day of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos, whom the Cossacks considered their patroness. And already in 2015, October 14 became the Day of Defenders of Ukraine. 

The historical topic did not leave the participants of the master class indifferent. The most curious was the boy Danylo, who came to the shopping mall with his mother and grandmother. 

We are convinced that workshops in Prospekt shopping mall motivate children to pay attention to the traditions of their ancestors and study them.  

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