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How did the participants of the «ГурткиHUB» festival impressed the visitors of Prospekt shopping mall

On September 4, Prospekt shopping mall hosted the left bank talent festival «ГурткиHUB», during which visitors to the shopping mall could try something new for themselves, and participants of the event could show their achievements in sports, choreography, vocals, theater, etc.  

We will tell you more about the clubs that joined the festival. 

The JUDO-MASTER Sports Club organized two demonstration performances in Judo and Sambo, which interested many guests of Prospekt shopping mall. After all, such sports performances inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle, and for the team of participants itself, this is an opportunity to unite even more. 

Several scenes from everyday life were shown by students of the "Synii Ptakh" theater studio, because it is with everyday life that the path to art begins. For everyone who wants to be on stage, the school offers classes in acting, stage speech, public speaking, plastic art, choreography, etc. 

Several demonstration performances were organized by the International Aikido club Seijitsu, for which not only technique is important, but also the study of the true essence of a person. Groups include children over 5 years of age. The club's training program includes regular classes, attestations, competitions, seminars, and the study of applied techniques.

Young artists of the Dream School professional vocal school had an adult task – to entertain the audience and set a positive mood. And they coped with this, because the studio teaches not only theory and practice, but also helps students perform at concerts, participate in TV projects, and develop their own vocal projects. 

Choreographers of the #В_ТАКТ studio held several master classes. The school specializes in modern dance styles: jazz-funk, hip-hop, dance hall, K-pop. And for those who want to learn how to master their body perfectly, they offer yoga and aerobics classes. 

Exemplary theater-musical studio "OKay!" filled the food court space with Hollywood charm. This result is brought by regular 6 classes a week: two in vocals, two in choreography and two in acting.

Makeshift dance floor of the Prospekt was lit up by girls from the House of dance studio, which hosts classes in stretching, hip-hop, jazz-funk and heels. 

Everyone had the opportunity to learn how to create a wish map and pictures from pasta thanks to the teachers of the Logos center for applied education. You can also take part in a workshop from the Art Mart creative supplies store and creative Meet&Talk «Summer 2021 in memories and ideas».

Even those who are over 18 were in children's delight at the magic show of the laboratory "Tsikava khimiia". After all, the thirst for experiments and the study of chemical elements does not disappear with age. 

Prospekt shopping mall constantly holds interesting events aimed at the local community. And it proves that life on the left bank is bright and not boring. To keep up to date with upcoming events of the shopping mall, you should track announcements on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the shopping mall. 

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