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Why does AIESEC return to Prospekt shopping mall for the second time

On Sunday, the representatives of the International Youth Student Organization AIESEC Ukraine held the main event of the year - Global Village, at Prospekt shopping mall. It is a traditional festival of cultures that takes place in different countries of the world.
For one day, Prospekt has become an intercontinental space of representatives of different peoples, while students from Germany, Morocco, China, Egypt, Brazil, Turkey, India, Peru, Indonesia, Algeria have demonstrated their national spiritual heritage at the Global Village. Due to the openness of space at Prospekt shopping mall and the friendly atmosphere, visitors of the mall have been involved into AIESEC youth interactive. For many guests who have visited Prospekt for shopping and leisure, participation in the authentic workshops from the peoples of Europe, Asia and Africa has become a particularly impressive and memorable rest.
The participants share their feedback on the social networks of Prospekt shopping mall. However, the main message expressed by the bloggers and the visitors is the interest in the idea, the opportunity to communicate and get inspired.
Exactly a year ago, in 2019, AIESEC Ukraine held the Global Village in Prospekt shopping mall for the first time. It is obvious that the young people liked the warmth and hospitality of the shopping mall, so in 2020 they came back to meet, to get inspired and to hug.

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