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Happy moments edutainment in Prospekt shopping mall: interesting chemistry, drawing and IT action

On October 3, visitors to Prospekt shopping mall will enjoy a performance in the style of Happy moments. During the holiday, young guests of the shopping mall will combine seemingly incongruous things – study and entertainment.  After all, at the happy moments edutainment location, near the ART MART store, children will be able to feel like students and creators at the same time. 
So, from 15:00, the laboratory "Interesting chemistry" will open in the shopping mall, where young researchers will be able to discover an interesting world of chemical reactions and molecular cuisine. After that, children will be able to use the acquired knowledge in everyday life. 
Next in the program is a creative master class from the ART MART store. Children will be provided with paints and paper to draw their own masterpiece based on the model. Maria Marchenko, a history teacher who likes to draw and share her skills with everyone, will help them do this. Materials for creativity are exclusively provided by the only creative hypermarket in Prospekt shopping mall - Art Mart. "Our mission is to develop creativity and inspiration, so that Ukrainians get pleasure and enjoy creating something interesting with their own hands. And we will provide everything necessary for this," said Olha Plotnikova, director of Art Mart. 

A real IT action game is scheduled for 17:30, because the Robocode School of robotics and programming will hold remote-format master classes for all young connoisseurs of innovation and technology. Participants will enjoy interactive shows and quizzes, testing of robotic systems, remote competitions on robots and, of course, gifts. 

In addition to the Edutainment Happy moments, 5 more holiday locations will operate in Prospekt shopping mall on October 3. For more information about them, follow the link:

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