Fashion&Profession in Prospekt shopping mall: Personal beliefs of Yurii Radionov

Theater and film actor Yurii Radionov participated in the project Fashion & Profession . He told to Prospekt shopping mall about his path in the profession and his favorite colors and clothing sets. 

"In my youth, it seemed that breakdancing was my whole life, so I wasn't interested in any professions. After graduating from school in Bakhmut (formerly Artemivsk), I entered the Donetsk College of Culture at "Directiion of mass events" program only for the sake of the dormitory: I planned to do breakdancing in a strong local team, and not devote time to studying. 

It didn't happen as expected. We studied at the school 6 days a week, and classes lasted from 8 am to 8 pm. Gradually, dancing disappeared from my life, instead of books, movies, music, theater, as well as vests and scarves that I had never worn before.  

According to the law, after graduating from high school, I had to work for the state for three years. On the eve of graduation I received one offer - to become deputy director for organizational affairs at the community centre in Starobesheve. As I was told: "You will me master of ceremonies at our weddings. We've already found you a house, and our girls are beautiful." 

This prospect scared me, so when I took a referral at the school, I ran to get a job as an actor in the Donetsk Youth Theatre, because at 21 I looked like a teenager. I came an hour late for the audition. And I was surprised that they took me after all. So even before graduation, I got a job. 

I worked in the Youth Theatre for three years, and then with my wife, whom I met there, I moved to Kyiv for the sake of expanding opportunities. 

When people learn about my profession, they are most often interested in: "How do you learn so much text? How do you not forget where to go and where to turn on stage?". The point is in the memory of physical actions that are performed during numerous theatrical rehearsals. Sometimes, mentally you can not remember all the movements, but in the process the body reproduces them automatically. 

Everything is a little different on the set of multi-episode TV shows, where you have a significant part. Then you have to learn a lot of sheets of text, which can also be repeatedly rewritten. Sometimes a rewritten passage is given out right in front of the stage, and you only have 7 minutes to memorize it. Unfortunately, these are the realities of the industry. 

I am also often told: "Oh, you are doing such an interesting thing! Not that I sell sockets." Unfortunately, some people around me devalue their craft. For me, acting sometimes seems less serious compared to really important professions, such as a medical doctor. However, it is not for nothing that there is an opinion that medicine heals the body, and theater heals the soul. This is the ideal that you want to achieve: that a person, after watching the performance, begins to conduct a dialogue with himself, because often they does not have time for this. A kind of meditative excursion to yourself. 

Sooner or later in the life of any actor, there comes a time when you need to attend some special event, for example, a theater festival. Therefore, in the wardrobe there should always be a place for a classic suit or elegant dress, so that later you do not feel confused. 

I like simple sets like a tracksuit. You don't have to worry about whether things are combined with each other in terms of color scheme. Although sometimes you want to create a mix of different styles. For example, combine classic trousers, sneakers, and a cap. You look weird, like you're a personage from the neighborhood. And if you think about it and add a classic coat, you will get an interesting contrast. 

For the photo exhibition in Prospekt shopping mall, I chose a denim suit. Its advantage is that it simultaneously gives freedom and does not allow looseness. And I also appreciate this image for the fact that it can not be tied to any of the professions.  My second look is a red tracksuit with a loose fit, which gives warmth. Especially this set helps out in winter, when you do not want to wear a hundred clothes. 

I notice that now I like three classic colors: black, white and red. They know how to "make friends" well and look good both in real life and on stage. 

At auditions, I wear what I think will suit the character. Sometimes the script prescribes the outfit, but even when there is no description, I understand what the hero might look like by profession and status. If he's a cop, I don't think I'll wear a leather jacket, unless it's a cop who'll change to hide his profession. A leather jacket, as I see it, is more for a teenager or a rich boy. 

Among the popular actors, I like James McAvoy, I admire his fantastic reincarnations in "Split". I don't keep track of his everyday looks, but I think he dresses discreetly, like a real Brit. From neighboring countries, I like Evgeny Tkachuk, he did a surprisingly good job in the movie "How Vitka Chesnok Drove Lyokha Shtyr to the House for Disabled". 

Exhibition Fashion&Profession in Prospekt shopping mall will last until June 14. 

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