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Halloween 2020 in Prospekt shopping mall: nothing is scary anymore

Halloween will be held in Prospekt shopping mall on October 31. Given the events of 2020, nothing will scare us on the Halloween anymore – no ghosts, no aliens, no Frankensteins. Therefore, Halloween heroes will walk without fear in the shopping mall, while observing social distance, and will remind other guests about it.
«Halloween 2020. It's not scary anymore" – just such a cool concept is offered in Prospekt shopping mall, with quests, sweets and a photo zone. After all, it is not for nothing that children all over the world say "trick or treat" on Halloween. Of course, Prospekt shopping mall chooses treats that can be obtained in a terribly simple way. To do this, you just need to pass the task map on the Hallo quest with 6 placemarks. Just like real inquisitive heroes. 
Also the visitors will be offered a special Hallo workshop, which will teach how to create terribly beautiful themed masks. Note that Halloween is an official holiday of masks, first mentioned in 1745. Even quarantine is not a reason to forget about it, especially since positive emotions are more important than ever today. Of course, Prospekt shopping mall takes into account the new conditions, so they will make sure that visitors maintain a social distance and remind them to disinfect their hands.
The hallo workshop starts at 15:00.
And the most interesting thing is the meeting with Maleficent and Frankenstein. Scared? On Halloween in Prospekt shopping mall, you can simply answer – "Boo!"

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