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Serhii Babkin's Concert at Prospekt's Birthday Party

On Sunday, December 1st, Prospekt shopping mall invites you to celebrate its birthday with music, drive, interesting entertainments and prizes.
The star of the holiday is Serhii Babkin, author and performer of his own songs that inspire you and make fall in love.
In his interviews, Serhii sincerely talks about his family and feelings. He also demonstrates his children’s photos on social networks to share his warm memories with fans. That’s why, respect for parents, family values ​​and romantic relationships in the family have already become the themes, about which the singer sings and motivates others to think, while they are close to everyone.
“Breathe Slowly”, “Who's Going On”, “Forgive me” are hits from Serhii Babkin that have got millions of views on YouTube. At the birthday party of Prospekt shopping mall he will perform his best songs especially for his guests. He will also give an autograph session. Liya Li and Veronica Kovalenko will also sing on the stage of Prospekt Mall this day. The presenter of the holiday will talk about the achievements of the shopping mall, which the visitors consider friendly and pleasant.
So, see you at the Birthday Party of Prospekt shopping mall, on December,1. The main greeting will be “Give a high five!” and feel the atmosphere of the holiday in return. Activities and entertainment start at 03:00 a.m.

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