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Summer shopping for students in Prospekt shopping mall

In Prospekt shopping mall you can often see young shopping hunters, who, as a rule, walk about in small groups. We decided to study out - who they are, from where they are and what motives they have to visit the shopping mall.
It turned out that these young people are students who came to the shopping mall to make shopping and spend time in a cool atmosphere on a hot summer day. 
Young people prefer a comfortable shopping mall, which is located in a place convenient for them - close to public transport or within a walking distance. The best mall is the closest one.
They shared their shopping preferences: online takes more time and effort, since shopping in an online store have more risks while clothing may not fit. Therefore, they order 50% more than they need, try clothes at home, and then return everything they do not like or that does not size up. On the Internet, you can safely order goods only when you are 100% confident. These are oversize clothes or sportswear for training. In no case shoes – sneakers, sandals and shoes should be tried for size. You can also buy online if the store offers such big discounts, that you wouldn’t feel sorry if you lose your money.
In Prospekt shopping mall, you can visit different stores, try, feel fabrics, study offers and confidently get exactly what suits you. As a matter of fact, everything you like and everything you need in order to update your wardrobe suits you.
Summer shopping for girls includes new bright mini and midi dresses, T-shirts, sandals, swimwear, jeans and accessories. Guys say they buy white rather by accident, than after searching through the stores. This summer they’ve already bought several new T-shirts, jeans and cotton shorts, sneakers, glasses and backpacks.
Most important, the students appreciate their time, atmosphere and an opportunity to go shopping with their friends. Thus, they can discuss more interesting topics, not just comment on social networks.

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