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Why did the pediatrician visit Prospekt shopping mall?

During Happy moments, which took place in Prospekt shopping mall, we made sure that visitors kept their distance and observed respiratory etiquette. All this is for their safety and health in difficult times. Why it is important to do this and how to protect yourself from Covid-19, said pediatrician Natalia Priliepova, who became a guest speaker on the intellectual talk show. 

For those who missed her performance, here's a quick overview. 

Natalia's answers to the most frequently asked questions about Covid-19:

4)    Why is this virus called Coronavirus? Does this have anything to do with the royal families?
This name is due to the structure of the virus, spiky surface of which resemble the solar corona.  
5)    How is the virus transmitted?
By airborne droplets, that is, through small drops that are released from the mouth or nose of an infected person when he talks, sneezes or coughs. Another person can become infected with the virus if these drops get into their respiratory tract. 
6)    Which test to detect the virus is more reliable: Elisa (enzyme immunoassay) or PCR (polymerase chain reaction)?
More reliable is the PCR test, which shows the presence or absence of DNA or RNA virus in the human body. An ELISA test, in turn, can show the presence of antibodies and immunity to the virus, so it is not suitable for diagnosing the disease from the first day.

Natalia also gave the audience tips on how to deal with anxiety during the pandemic. 

•    Separate what falls under your control and what doesn't. It is better to focus on what exactly you can do: wash your hands and remind others about it, make a plan of action in case of an emergency, write out the phone numbers of the family doctor, the nearest emergency room and a hotline where they tell you about the coronavirus and tell you what to do when in doubt. In general, do things that help you feel safe.
•    Stay "here and now". Perhaps your anxiety increases when you think not only about what is happening now, but also about the future. Pay attention to the things that surround you at this moment. Pay attention to sounds, colors, tastes, and other sensory sensations at this moment and name them.
•    Take care of your body: do exercises at home on the mat, dance to your favorite music, eat a full meal and get enough sleep. This will help you better cope with stress and maintain the body's protective functions at the proper level.
•    Take care of your own information hygiene and use only trusted sources. It is worth taking breaks from watching or reading news about the pandemic, because from the constant updating of information, the soul is sometimes filled with sadness and a sense of powerlessness. Disable notifications for news sites and apps. Determine the time when you will check what has happened in the world, for example, once a day.
•    Don't try to overcome stress alone. It is better to talk to your friends about your feelings, talk to your parents and loved ones that you can't visit. If you can't manage your acute anxiety, you should seek help from a mental health professional. This time should be regarded as an opportunity to catch your breath, stop and reflect on what is most important to you personally. Remember that during quarantine, life does not stop, and taking care of yourself and being attentive to your own needs will help you survive this period more easily.

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