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Practical life hacks for 2020 from psychologist Volodymyr Naumenko

Visitors to Prospekt shopping mall participated in the Happy moments event, where prizes were raffled off, and invited speakers taught useful things. In particular, practicing psychologist Vladimir Naumenko told the guests of the shopping mall how to have fun and emotionally cope with new unpredictable challenges of our time. 

During the conversation, it turned out that the specialist has his own mentor – consultant of positive psychotherapy Volodymyr Kravchuk. From him, Naumenko received 4 recommendations, which he constantly adheres to. The speaker also shared these tips with the audience at Prospekt shopping mall.

•    Emotions can't be controlled, but you can change your emotional state.
•    If you are in a non-resource state, do not have enough moral strength to solve a problem or respond to a situation, you should look for people with "high" emotions in your environment.  
•    You can't immediately train yourself to respond correctly to conflicts or certain unpleasant situations. It's like in sports: you need to train to get used to it a little and increase the loads. Ideally, you should find a guide.
•    If during a conflict you want to say something offensive and say everything that has boiled over inside, you should stop for a moment and ask yourself: "Why am I doing this? What will my words lead to?». 

An interesting question was asked to the psychologist by the teacher Maria Marchenko: "How to make sure that work remains at work, and come home with a different mood and not blame work problems on your family?». 

Volodymyr Naumenko noted that this is not an isolated problem. People who are concerned about this either have nothing but work, or they consider other activities much less valuable. To establish work-life balance, he advises using the "Wheel of life" method, the essence of which is to identify the strongest and most vulnerable places among 8 areas of a person's life. 

The psychologist also explained what you should do to stay positive during difficulties, and how to inspire those you love. 

As Volodymyr admitted, he has pleasant memories with Prospekt shopping mall, because it was here that one of the most epic episodes of the second season of the romantic reality show "Polovynky" was filmed, where he was an expert. I would like to hope that many more happy moments will happen in Prospekt, both for Volodymyr and for visitors to the shopping mall as a whole. 


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