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Campaign Rules in Prospekt mall

1. Campaign Organizer
 LLC "Comfort Market Lux" is the Campaign Organizer (hereinafter, the "Organizer"). Location of the Organizer and postal address: 01032, Kyiv, 33 Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd., 13th floor.
 LLC "ADA-TRADING" is the Campaign Contractor. Contractor's location: Kyiv 35A Mashynobudivna St.

2. Campaign purpose
 The purpose of the Campaign is to attract the consumers' attention to Prospekt shopping mall and to the Campaign partner – "ALLO" LLC

3. Campaign duration and venue
 Campaign lasts from February 13 to February 15, 2020 (the «Campaign Period») and consists of the following steps:
 Step 1 - from February 13 to February 15, 2020 take a photo in the photo zone of the Prospekt shopping mall, post a photo with the hashtag #люблю_у_проспект on your personal Instagram page and participate in the prize draw from the main sponsor - "ALLO" LLC at the celebration of Valentine's Day in the Prospekt shopping mall.
 Step 3 - the main prize draw will take place on February 15, 2020 after 18:00 near the photo zone on the first floor of Prospekt shopping mall. The Campaign will be held in Kyiv, on the territory of Prospekt shopping mall (hereinafter – the Campaign Territory) located at the following address: Kyiv 1V Hnata Khotkevycha St.

4. Campaign Participants
Everyone interested, irrespective of age, gender etc. may participate in Campaign, subject to the restrictions set out below.
Following persons shall not be recognized as Campaign Participants and shall not have the right to participate in it:
 Campaign Organizer's employees and their family members (husband/wife, children, brothers/sisters, parents);
 advertising agencies' owners and employees and partners involved in Campaign organization and conduct and their families' members (husband/wife, children, brothers/sisters, parents);
 Prospekt shopping mall's employees and employees of shops/restaurants/service points, etc., which presented in Prospekt shopping mall;  foreigners and stateless persons;
 disabled people participation in Campaign is being performed in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
o During the Campaign its Participants are obliged to:
 comply with the requirements of these Rules and norms of the current legislation of Ukraine;
 not cause inconveniences deliberately and do not interfere other Participants;
 not perform actions that undermine the eligibility of such a Participant's participation in Campaign.
Accounts are not recognized as members as:
 were created on the time of the Promotion, February 13-15, 2020
 which has no publications dated prior to the Promotion.

5. Terms of participation in the campaign
 In order to take part in the campaign, a person meeting the requirements of section 4 of these Rules should:
 During the period from February 13 to February 15, 2020, take a photo in the photo zone in Prospekt shopping mall and post your photo with the hashtag #люблю_у_проспект on your personal page in Instagram.
 Personally attend the prize draw from the main sponsor - "ALLO" LLC, in the photo zone on the first floor of Prospekt shopping mall on February 15, 2020 after 18: 00.

6. The following shall not participate in the campaign:
 Photos that were taken outside the photo zone of the Prospekt shopping mall.
 Photos that have been posted without the hashtag #люблю_у_проспект
 Photos that have been posted on third-party pages in Instagram.
 Photos dated not between February 13 and February 15, 2020.
 accounts which has no publications, except  maden one for participation in the Promotion.

7. The gift (main prize) and the procedure for its obtaining
 The main prize of the campaign is:
- Apple AirPods Pro (MWP22) White headphones from "ALLO" store*.
*The main prize from "ALLO" store means the opportunity to get a certificate for Apple AirPods Pro (MWP22) White headphones. The winner must provide their passport and contact details, as well as take a photo with the Certificate immediately after the draw (the photo will be taken by a representative of the "ALLO" store or by the Organizer). "ALLO" store will send the prize via the third-party delivery service to the address provided by the winner.
Only the participant present at the prize draw can win the prize.
In order to receive the prize, the participant must present an account on the social network Instagram with a posted photo. 
The participant confirms the ownership of the account, which in turn was determined by the Organizer and/or Contractor as a winning one. The absence of access to the account may be the ground for refusal to issue a prize..
The organizer and/or the contractor reserves the right to change the rules for drawing additional prizes and gifts not defined in section 7 of these Rules as the Main prize at its sole discretion, without additional agreement and notice.
The organizer and/or the contractor reserves the right to replace the prize with an equivalent or more expensive one without additional agreement and notice.
In order to receive the prize, the participant must have and present at the request of the representative of the Organizer/Contractor a passport of a citizen of Ukraine. You can receive your prize within 24 days from the day of the draw.
The winnings are exclusively the prizes listed above; getting their cash equivalents is unacceptable.
The number of prizes is limited.

8. Informing the Campaign participants
 The detailed information on Campaign, official Rules of Campaign shall be published on, and the Participants' support shall be provided by phone number: +38 (067) 384 50 14.
 The telephone calls of the Campaign Hotline operators with the Campaign Participant may be registered by the technical fixing means. The Participant gives his unconditional consent to such fixation by his participation in Campaign.

9. Personal data
 Campaign's Participant acts personally, on his own behalf, voluntarily and independently. Campaign's Participant assumes all risks of liability and consequences associated with the possible participation in Campaign and receiving reward.
 The information provided by the Campaign Participants refers to personal data and shall be protected in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
 While participating in Campaign, each Participant states and confirms that he is acquainted and fully agrees with these Rules, will adhere to them, that he is familiar with the rights relating to his personal data* and that his voluntarily provided personal data is consent on their processing by Campaign Contractor at his discretion in any way with marketing and/or any other purpose that does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine, in particular, for conducting an advertising action in accordance with the official rules (determination of the winner, preparation of statistical information, etc.).
* The rights of the Participant as the personal data subject. The participant has the right:
– to receive information on the Contractor's location as his personal data owner/manager;
– to demand from the Contractor as his personal data owner his personal data clarification;
– to apply statutory remedies in case of violation of the legislation on personal data protection.
 Campaign Participant grants the Contractor the right for automated personal data
processing and inclusion into the personal data database, as well as other databases, which the Contractor will create for administrative and other purposes, ensure the implementation of relations requiring personal data processing. In this case, the Participant confirms that the Contractor is not obliged to inform him about his personal data inclusion into the personal data database.
 The Participant provides the Contractor with the right to transfer his personal data to the extent justified by the intended purpose, to the third parties, if such transfer is connected with the Contractor's duties implementation (including but not exclusively - providing information to public authorities, banking institutions, etc.), with the Participants agreeing that the Contractor will not notify them, both in writing and orally, about each case of Participants' personal data transferring to the third parties.
 While participating in Campaign, each Participant confirms that he is familiar with the rights relating to his personal data collection, processing, use, storage, and distribution, and also confirms that the Contractor and other third parties are exempted from the obligation to send written notice on Participant's right, the purpose of data collection and the persons, to whom the Participant's personal data are being transmitted.
 The personal data processing may be performed by the Contractor independently or may be transferred to other operators on the contract basis with confidentiality preservation condition. Campaign Participant’s personal data are being kept in the database until they are withdrawn at Participant’s written request. In case of consent for personal data processing withdrawal, the Participant is not allowed for further participation in Campaign.
 The Contractor/Organizer shall not be liable for the personal data protection placed by the Participant in the questionnaire from unlawful or accidental access to them, destruction, distortion, blocking, copying, personal data distribution, as well as other unlawful actions. Similarly, the Contractor shall not be liable for any violations of the third parties' rights as a result of Participant's actions in such personal data placement.

10. General terms of Campaign.
 All Campaign prizes may be received by the Campaign Participants only on the terms of these Rules.
 The Campaign prizes cannot be exchanged or returned. The Organizer and the Contractor are not responsible for the Contractor's use of their prizes after their receiving by the Participant.
 One Campaign Participant can receive only one main prize
 In accordance with the requirements of the Article 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine to the adhesion contracts, namely the possibility of concluding such contract only by the adhesion of one party to the proposed contract, all Campaign Participants agree with the conditions of these Rules and undertake to comply with them.
 All Campaign results are final and cannot be appealed.
 The procedure for prizes recipients’ identification does not pursue the profit obtaining purpose.
 In order to organize and conduct the Campaign, as well as to monitor the Campaign's progress, the Organizer/Contractor has the right to involve any third parties. The Organizer/Contractor does not bear responsibility for the postal, courier and telephone communication operators’ services quality.
 These Rules, as well as any amendments to them, including amendments regarding the gifts delivery terms, come into force from the moment of their publication by the Organizer on the website.
 The Campaign Organizer/Contractor reserves the right to change the Campaign Gift Fund and/or certain Campaign gifts types, or to include other gifts in Campaign, which are not provided by these Rules.
 All participants of the Campaign participate at their sole discretion and agree with all health risks that may arise. By taking part in the Campaign and by receiving the services and/or prizes related to the Campaign, in case of occurrence of complications with health, allergic reactions, the participants release the Campaign Organizer and Contractor from any claims.

11. Other terms:
 In case of any disputes regarding the Campaign terms' interpretation, the official Organizer's interpretation is recognized as final and binding for all Campaign Participants and does not subject to appeal. The Organizer/Contractor's decision on all issues related to the Contest is considered as final, does not subject to appeal and shall be distributed to all Campaign Participants.
 Campaign Participant fully agrees with the terms of the Contest by his participation in this Campaign and has to comply with it.
 Campaign Participants are responsible for the correctness and reliability of all information indication that they send to participate in Campaign.
 The Organizer and the Contractor reserve the right to verify the documents certifying the Participant's age and the identity.
 The Organizer and the Contractor are not responsible for the postal operators and courier services work and any mistakes, as a result of which the mail were not received, received late, lost or damaged; for force majeure circumstances emerge.  Campaign Participants understand and agree to observe the conditions that they may provide the media with information regarding their participation in the Contest and receive reward only if there is a separate in each case Organizer's written consent.
 While participating in Campaign, the Campaign Participant hereby gives his agreement to the Contractor/Organizer for his personal data collection and processing in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On Personal Data Protection». The Contractor/Organizer is solely responsible for personal data entering into the personal data database and its processing in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On Personal Data Protection».
 While participating in Campaign, each Participant hereby confirms his consent to use the information provided by the Campaign Organizer/Contractor with the marketing and/or any other purpose by methods that do not violate the current legislation of Ukraine (incl. by its transferring to the third parties); in particular, for the free use of his name, surname, photo, interview or other material about him with an advertising/marketing purpose, including the right to publish (including his name and the image contained in a photo) in the media, any print, audio and video materials, interviews with the media, as well as for information, messages (including advertising), etc., sending without any restrictions on the territory, time and manner of use, and such use will in no way be reimbursed by the Campaign Organizer/Contractor and/or any third party. Such consent is also considered in the meaning of the Art. 296, 307, 308 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.
 Campaign Participants guarantee that they have the powers to participate in Campaign (in particular, through the sequence of actions provided by these Rules), confirm and guarantee the availability of all exclusive property and personal non-property rights and related rights to the provided photos, and for persons with partial or limited capacity - duly written permission from parents/legal guardians to use the images for advertising purposes within Campaign, not limited by time, territory or methods of use. Campaign Participants are liable for violating the intellectual property rights of the third parties under the current legislation of Ukraine.
 The Organizer and the Contractor have the right to involve the third parties for the full and/or partial obligations' fulfillment under these Rules.

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