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Hello! Give a High Five at Prospekt Shopping Mall Birthday Party

On December 1, Prospekt shopping mall celebrates its birthday and invites guests to the holiday. Prospekt shopping mall is 5 years old. Therefore, the theme is “Give a high five and experience our holiday in return.”
“Give a high five” is a synonym for the greeting words “hello” or “good day” which stress happiness to meet each other. In fact, how many interesting, planned or casual meetings took place at Prospekt shopping mall given that more than 1 million customers visit it every month? The whole concept of “Give a high five!” is based on the joyous moment of meeting and greeting with acquaintances and unknown, but interesting people. There will be a lot of congratulations and birthday greetings at the event. After all, they create a positive mood, which is also progressively transmitted to the others. And if you think about the power of five handshakes, you’ll get more acquaintances and friends after the event.
The program includes a concert of Serhii Babkin, a Ukrainian performer and author of his own songs, children's workshops and team competitions, discounts, DJ-networks, photo-zones and photo-networks, as well as art-networks and creation of flash-pictures. Active participants will get gifts and super gifts. The main partner is Allo.
If you follow the posts on Facebook and Instagram pages of Prospekt shopping mall, you can win additional prizes and stay up-to-date with all plans and announcements for Prospekt's 5-year birthday.
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