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About family shopping, values and personal impressions from the employees of “Prospekt” shopping mall

“Prospekt” operates as usual and invites to visit clothing, accessories and toy stores to have a convenient, reliable safe shopping.
Inna Sotnikova, director of “Prospekt” shopping mall, and her daughter Arina (9 years old) talk about family shopping, values and personal impressions with RetailersUA journalists.

Arina tells about her shopping habits, “I like the new rules prescribing to wear a mask and clean hands with anti-bac. I am glad that the malls have opened, though not completely. Usually, when we go shopping, we do it to the fullest extent. We visit at least five stores, drink two cocktails and, of course, go to McDonald's and to the movies. There are no movies now, and I miss them.
Inna tells about her favourite shopping scenarios and he daughter’s financial literacy, “When my daughter and I go shopping together, we plan several activities. Usually we go to the cinema or a family movie and visit a children's entertainment center. Everyone there knows Arina. The first question after the quarantine was, “when will Fly Park open?” We always plan to eat something delicious, especially when it is something new. McDonald's, which Arina has mentioned, is rather an exception, “Prospekt” shopping mall has interesting restaurants offering home cooking, for example, Brynzabar, besides, we often visit Salateira.
We have an interesting shopping. First, we view everything online and then try on clothes on the spot. If the clothes that we like online fit in size, we buy it and get incredible pleasure.
We can't afford such shopping during a week, we visit the mall once or twice a month and spend there a lot of time.
Though, the “quarantine” format of the mall has changed our usual scenario, now we look forward to the day when everything will work and we will be able to spend time as usually.
Arina pays for some of her purchases herself. For example, today she bought drinks to me and to herself. She has her own money, I teach her financial literacy. She gets money for good learning and for some home work. I believe that the sooner she learns how to spend the money she earns, the better.
We discuss whether this or that purchase is necessary. Sometimes the emotional component prevails. Sometimes my arguments do not work, and Arina makes an emotional purchase. But then, when she has no money for something more important, she begins to think whether the emotional purchase was really important.
She saves money for certain things. For example, she took part in a “gift from Santa” on her phone. Mastering financial literacy is an exciting process.

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