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Trends of women's hats at #ArtFashion: from the 20s to the 20s at Prospekt shopping mall

Prospekt” shopping mall presents the line of development of fashion trends that could be observed through art - in paintings and photographs.
For centuries, women and hats have been inseparable. One hundred years ago, a lady couldn’t go outside or visit a public place without a hat - with a veil, made of straw or felt, a turban or a cap with various ornaments: feathers, flowers, brooches, lace and beads.
Hats have always been masterpieces of creative design, emphasizing femininity, sophistication, elegance, style, confidence.
Today, the vogue of women's hats returns in a modernized form. Women wear men's hats and caps, bucket hats are worn not only on the beach as a protection from the sun, but also as a necessary everyday accessory.
Modern fashion trends eclectically combine the styles of all previous epochs, while interesting models become more and more popular.
Straw hats are now at the peak of their popularity. After all, a straw hat is always a romantic, elegant and flirtatious accessory. This irreplaceable summer accessory became popular in ancient Greece and was considered to be a luxury item. Now straw hats are especially in trend, as they correspond to eco-fashion.

The main photo demonstrates a modern model of a bucket hat, popular in summer 2020. The album also presents trendy hats from Parfois.
The picture is an original retrospective of trends of the 60s.
Author: Peregrine Heathcott (b. 1973), from the series “Glorious Days” (2005), private collection.

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