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At Prospekt shopping mall, we offer you to find your own smart with “no-fool” button

Social projects for buyers implemented at the shopping mall always resonate for several reasons. First of all, during shopping in the mall it is always interesting to look at shopping windows, showbills and information stands, to stop and to think everything over. Secondly, the shopping mall is an active social space, where meetings, negotiations, dialogues, questions and answers, exchange of thoughts, impressions and life hacks take place.

That’s why, in Prospekt shopping mall it was decided to combine possibilities and habits of our customers having implemented a socially significant project “Smart Living. Be no fool”. Visitors were offered the presentation of important Smart Life hacks with hints, videos and discussions with experts and visitors of Prospekt shopping mall.
•    How to survive in a big city with pleasure: prioritize, balance your own time management, be aware of your place in the world, respect the others, take care of the environment and do yourself well.
•    What is important in the process of consumption of energy, goods and services: buy high-quality goods, do not buy everything you see. Get experience, not things. Be responsible for your deeds and analyze your behaviour.
•    How many looks you need for happiness: 15 things that form three times more looks for work, walks and events.
•    What are the options to extend the life of things: take care of things according to the instructions on the labels. It is good care, not the price, which determines the quality of clothing.
•    The comfort is the most important by buying shoes. Obviously, it is better to buy shoes in the evening and genuine leather is better than faux leather. Color should correspond to your wardrobe; seasonality and climatic conditions also shall be taken into consideration.
•    Which cosmetics is good for you and what are the important ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Acids, Vitamin C, Retinoids (Vitamin A), Nicotinamide (Vitamin PP, Vitamin B3), Zn (Zinc) and Oils.
•    Who is an individual and creative person: strength is in the details. Creative solutions can transform ordinary clothing into an exclusive one, changing its style and purpose. In this case, you can feel more confident, because no one else has the same. You may also feel the power of your creativity, embodied in your own design. In this case you can develop your own fashion, which suits you, instead of following the standards.
•    Why ECO is an alternative to plastics: reusable bags or shoppers, paper bags, food storage trays, glass containers and craft bags.
Speakers from various public areas were invited to discuss the smart consumption. Volodymyr Naumenko, a psychologist-practitioner, presenter of the Inter channel, author of the book “Women rule the world”, spoke about his smart choice: planning, complements from shops and mobile applications that allow using bonuses. More in the video:

Serhii Vynnychenko, the author and presenter of the Internet blog “Theatrical Fishing” talked about smart consumption on the example of theater – consumption is the experiencing of different life situations during one performance. After all, analyzed theater stories can easily be applied to one's own life.

Smart consumption and “no-fool” option were also discussed with the visitors of Prospekt shopping mall, who stressed the value of every minute and rationality in life, conscious choice, and quality over quantity.
About the creativity  in your own wardrobe. For example, how to repaint your own shoes or a T-shirt, remaining on-trend. Sophia Rusynovych a creator and designer of the clothing brand – told about quality and convenience in everyday life. Be no fool ( #клепкамуситьбути ) is the hashtag of the project which caused the discussions both offline and online. Soon new meetings will take place in Prospekt shopping mall with various people who initiated the discussion on this topic. After all, it is really important, to be no fool

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