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Prospekt shopping mall presents lifehacks in smart style.
On October 2, a new project will be launched in Prospekt shopping mall – “Be no fool. Lifehacks in smart style”.
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Roti restaurant at Prospekt shopping mall offers you to form your plate by yourself
A new Roti spot to eat with the appetizing positioning - the chicken kitchen, opened at the food court in Prospekt shopping mall.
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Prospekt Shopping Mall recommends styling-shoes
Trends may be different, but convenience is always the same. Especially, convenience in footwear, which is a major element of style. Any look can be enhanced with an interesting model.
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Welcome new autumn collection of shoes and accessories from VITTO ROSSI!
In our new autumn collection, natural materials are combined with unusual details, exclusive accessories and high quality.
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Jasmine underwear in the new Prospekt shopping mall
A new shop with the mellifluous, delicate name Jasmine opened at Prospekt shopping mall offering women's stylish underwear lines designed for different needs: “Fashion”, “Comfort”, “Basic”, “Laser Cut”, “Intimo”, “Night”, “Shapewear”.
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12 hot colors of an autumn 2019 season
Autumn is coming, and real shoppers think in advance about the color of their wardrobe, which will surprise others in the new season.
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Ready, steady, school in Prospekt shopping mall!
On the eve of the school season, Prospekt shopping mall offers to become a participant of the campaign: from 17 to 31 August, register receipts to the amount of 500 UAH from any store of Prospekt shopping mall, except for Auchan hypermarket, and participate in the prize draw from the main partner of the action - Foxtrot store
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