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Medals are creative handmade for relatives in Prospekt shopping mall
Colored paper + cardboard + double-sided tape = medal for the most native defenders. It was according to this formula that a workshop on making postcards was held in Prospekt shopping mall specifically for the day of defenders on October 14. All materials and tools for creativity at the workshop were provided by the ART MART creative supplies store.
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Nature, heroes or portraits – the choice is up to the participants of the "Painting workshop" in Prospekt shopping mall
At the 6th birthday party, Prospekt shopping mall actively combined training and entertainment. In particular, at the Edutainment Happy moments location, the ART MART creative supplies store organized an exclusive master class "painting workshop" for children, providing all the necessary materials.
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Message of freedom from the befree fashion brand in Prospekt shopping mall
A befree store has opened in Prospekt shopping mall, which motivates you to express yourself and demonstrate your freedom. Even from the brand name itself, the message "to be" and "free" sounds.
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October 14 - the Day of Defenders of Ukraine
Happy Day of Defenders! Let's respect this holiday!
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Why did the pediatrician visit Prospekt shopping mall?
During Happy moments, which took place in Prospekt shopping mall, we made sure that visitors kept their distance and observed respiratory etiquette. All this is for their safety and health in difficult times. Why it is important to do this and how to protect yourself from Covid-19, said pediatrician Natalia Priliepova, who became a guest speaker on the intellectual talk show.
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Happy moments performance in Prospekt shopping mall
Prospekt shopping mall turns 6 years old. This is a special development project in the Arricano portfolio, because since its opening, this shopping mall has become a place of attraction. The audience of visitors is attracted by the friendly atmosphere, bright interiors, a balanced selection of brands and a socio-cultural space in the edutainment style.
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Postcards and motanka dolls: two master classes will be held in Prospekt shopping mall to mark the Day of Defenders
On October 14, Prospekt shopping mall will host two master classes dedicated to the Day of Defenders of Ukraine.
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Practical life hacks for 2020 from psychologist Volodymyr Naumenko
Visitors to Prospekt shopping mall participated in the Happy moments event, where prizes were raffled off, and invited speakers taught useful things. In particular, practicing psychologist Vladimir Naumenko told the guests of the shopping mall how to have fun and emotionally cope with new unpredictable challenges of our time.
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Welcome Happy moments in Prospekt shopping mall
On October 3, Prospekt shopping mall will host a performance in the style of Happy moments – happy moments for the birthday of the shopping and entertainment complex. The idea is for guests to be charged with positive emotions, relax their soul and at the same time discover something new and useful.
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