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Creating valentines for those we love in Prospekt shopping mall
Valentine's Day is celebrated not only by adults, but also by children who like to exchange heartfelt greetings and cards with classmates and friends. It is for them that on February 14, Prospekt shopping mall will host master classes on creating valentines. It will be conducted by a teacher of the Logos tutoring center.
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Gifts for receipts in the Universe of Prospekt shopping mall with vivo and Foxtrot
Prospekt shopping mall invites everyone to discover their own Universe of feelings. Especially with care for your family, finding out their tastes and preferences, lavishing attention on them. February 14 is a significant day, because there is an opportunity to win a gift for a loved one. After all, Prospekt shopping mall, together with the foxtrot appliances store and vivo, which is a leading smartphone brand, invites you to take part in the prize draw for the vivo Y31 smartphone dedicated to Valentine's day.
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Prospekt shopping mall motivates you to discover your Universe of feelings
February is finally a full month, returning to normal life. But you always want more to take over the whole Universe. After all, Prospekt shopping mall offers you to take off in your feelings and desires: surprise and be surprised, feel cared of and care of, plunge into your dreams together and realize them. Experience finally the cosmic weightlessness without restrictions – only the gravity of positivity, open shopping and entertainment.
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Why do people in love need an astrologer in Prospekt shopping mall
On February 14, the Prospekt shopping mall, beloved by many guests, will be transformed into a new social space for people in love. Well, what do they need? Stars from the sky, cosmic love, hugging photos, kisses, coffee, gifts.... After all, lovers fantasize more. In Prospekt shopping mall, everything is provided, even a prediction session from astrologer Alina Shubska, Kyiv blogger and trendsetter who can turn any informational occasion into a firework display of emotions and talks about topics that confuse others.
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"WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSE OF FEELINGS" Campaign in Prospekt shopping mall
1.    Organizer  ADA-trading LLC, EDRPOU (national register of companies) code 38375319 is the Campaign Organizer on request of the Prospekt shopping mall (Comfort Market Lux LLC, EDRPOU 34795907). Contractor's location:   Kyiv, 35A Mashynobudivna St.  
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Welcome to open shopping with Prospekt shopping mall
"Houston, we have a problem" – two weeks ago, this phrase could describe the situation of Ukrainian shopping malls and their visitors who love offline shopping. But no problem can be as limitless as space, and sooner or later it will be solved. And in our case it will be on January 25. Indeed, from this day on, Prospekt shopping mall will operate as usual, and your favorite brands are already preparing and putting things in order on the shelves.
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Feelings in the space photo zone in Prospekt shopping mall
"Well, how long can you decorate buildings with "wrong" hearts, the shapes of which are far from the proportions of the real ones?!" – have you heard such calls from skeptics? But in the Prospekt shopping mall on Valentine's day there will be planets and stars, because when Love is boundless, like the Universe, then the entourage shall be suitable for it.
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The first Decathlon opens on the left bank of the capital in Prospekt shopping mall
In the spring of 2021 Prospekt shopping mall is planning another bright opening of a new tenant – the French brand Decathlon. This will be the first Decathlon residence on the left bank of Kyiv.
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